Drain Repairs Bodmin

We are experts in south west drain care, covering many areas of Cornwall including Bodmin. We are able to come out and repair any of your damaged drains quickly and efficiently. Drains can become damaged in many ways, the main way is through a blockage, and the blocked drain can be fixed with many of our drain unblocking methods. The damage caused by a blocked drain can create a larger problem down the line and it is important that your drain gets repaired. Your drain may have become cracked, have unstable joints or even minor root ingression, which can all be relatively easy to fix.

However, there can be more serious drain problems that can cause the pipe work to have structural damage, these can include: surface works, ground movement or even more serious root ingression. This will often require a more extensive drain repair, which we are more than able to assist with.

How do we conduct your drain repair?

Firstly, we will need to find out exactly what is causing the drain to be blocked or damaged. We will often use a CCTV drain survey to diagnose the issue, as this can be an extremely accurate way of finding out exactly what is causing the problem. The issue can range from minor damage to the drain, to more serious issues such as a collapsed drain, in which case we will then decide on the most suitable way to tackle and fix the damaged drain. Our drain repairs will often consist of ‘no-dig’ methods such as structural patch lining, which is the most economical fix for a damaged drain. However, if the damage is extensive, then a drain excavation and replacement will be the only option and something that we are more than capable to carry out here at Cornwall Drains.

Areas Covered

Truro, Bodmin, Wadebridge, Rock Sticker, Polgooth, St Austell, Tregony Par, St Blazey, Tywardreath Cornwall, Newquay, Falmouth

How will I know if my drain needs repairing?

When your drain needs repairing, clearing or even if it has collapsed, there will be quite a few signs that you can look out for which will help you to understand the extent of the damage and whether or not you will need to give a drain company a call, like us here at Cornwall Drains. Spotting these signs early and calling us out, will limit the amount of costs needed to repair the drain, as well as minimising any damage to your property.

  • Foul smells - Often one of the first noticeable signs of a blocked drain. Your drain may just have a small amount of damage or be blocked somewhere. If the drain has been unblocked recently and the smell of sewage is still lingering around your drains, then this may indicate a larger issue.
  • Consistent blockages - This can be a tell tale sign that your drain may have become blocked or may have even collapsed. Frequently backed up sewage can also be a sign that something is very wrong with your drains.
  • Slow to drain - If you have noticed that your drains are draining slower than normal, then this could well be a sign of a blocked drain. However, if you have recently had your drains unblocked but they are still slow to drain, then this may indicate a much larger issue.
  • Mildew or Mould - If you are noticing mould or mildew in isolated patches on your walls, it could be a sign that your drain pipes have become damaged. The damaged drain means that you will experience a build up of wastewater, which can cause damp in your home.