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Drain services for blocked drains in Wadebridge

Cornwall drains offer a variety of emergency drain clearance services in Wadebridge; our fast responses and competitive prices make us your number one drain company in Cornwall. We provide a number of drain services from blocked drain clearance, high pressure water jetting, pitch fibre pipework, pipe lining, drain maintenance and repairs, as well as a CCTV drain survey.

How do I know if my drain is blocked or damaged?

Identifying whether a drain is blocked or damaged can be extremely difficult, but it is important that you find out either way, because a damaged drain could end up collapsing if left unrepaired and a blocked drain can cause all sorts of other issues. So if you have a suspected damaged or blocked drain then we recommend contacting your local drain experts, like us here at Cornwall Drains. Here are some of the signs that your drains are damaged:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Bad odours coming from the drains
  • Continuously becoming blocked, despite being unblocked recently
  • Damp on the floor or the walls of the property
  • Marshy/ damp exposed land above the drain

Drain repair methods

At Cornwall Drains we have many different methods that we use to repair a damaged drain. However depending on the seriousness of the damage, will depend on what technique will be best to use. Sometimes simple drain repairs will not be enough to fix a more serious drain problem, like a collapsed drain for example; in which case a drain excavation or replacement may be the only option.

Patch Liners

Patch liner repairs are often a very popular choice as they are relatively low cost and we can add them to the pipe without having to dig down, ensuring the least amount of disruption. The patch liner method can fix most defects that have been identified within the drain pipe or sewer.

This particular method uses fibreglass matting which is impregnated with a Silicate resin solution. This is then inserted into the drain using a packer, which is then positioned where the defect has occurred and is then inflated to seal over the area; this is then left in place while the resin sets. This provides a water tight seal that will ensure there is no more damage to the pipe, this can last for a number of years and may never need replacing.

No-dig Repairs

This is a very popular option for drain repairs as it requires no digging at all. This method requires various lining techniques, while patch liners are one of the ways we can repair a pipe, there are a lot of other no-dig techniques that we use to line a pipe depending on the application. Again, this method is very cost-effective and restores the full function and integrity of the drain.


Excavation is usually used if a drain is beyond repair with our no-dig techniques. The drain may have collapsed or there may be a need for access to the pipe for lining, in which case the drain will need to be excavated. This technique usually costs a bit more than the others mentioned above and it also tends to be a bit more disruptive; as our engineers will need to dig a hole in order to reach the drain that needs attention. Although this is not the most preferred option, sometimes it is the only one that will suitably fix the drain. Here at Cornwall Drains, our engineers are professionals and will ensure this will be done with the least amount of disruption and to the highest standard.

Areas Covered

Truro, Bodmin, Wadebridge, Rock Sticker, Polgooth, St Austell, Tregony Par, St Blazey, Tywardreath Cornwall, Newquay, Falmouth