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What type of drain clearance do I need for a blocked drain?

A blocked drain can be anything from a small issue to quite the headache. However, Cornwall Drains are on hand to unblock your drains in Redruth and the surrounding area.

We use a variety of drain clearing equipment to effectively clear a blocked drain. The main methods that we use are, more often than not, the cheapest way to unblock a drain. We use a variety of ways to check, clean or clear a blocked drain.

High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)

HPWJ is one of the ways in which a drain can be cleared and unblocked easily. This method uses an extremely high pressure water jet to dislodge blockage material, breaking down grease and other deposits within the drain, it will also wash away any other collected debris that was also trapped by the initial blockage. This method is highly effective, economical and offers many advantages over other options. This method can be used to clear both domestic and commercial drainage systems.

Drainage Rods

Drain rods are another common way of unblocking and clearing drains and sewers. Some rods are made out of strong polypropylene tubing, and are assembled end-to-end by attaching further sections in place. The rods are then pushed along the drain, via an access chamber, this will usually clear any obstructions within the pipe. Other more heavy duty rods are made from steel, with a number of unblocking tools attached to them; these are used for piercing, gripping or pushing clogged debris through the pipe. The way in which this method works is by twisting, pushing and pulling the rods to remove and dislodge the blockage, while using a constant flow of water to flush away the loose debris.

Tree Root Cutting

Tree roots can cause a huge amount of damage to drainage systems. Removing and cutting the tree roots is often more of a regular maintenance activity. However, both drain rods and also HPWJ can be used to cut and remove any roots that are blocking the system. Each method can be adapted with special attachments to cut and clear whichever roots are causing the problem.

CCTV Drain Survey

A CCTV drain survey is very accurate, effective and useful for pinpointing the blockage within a drainage system. This method allows a remote-controlled crawler, with cameras attached, to manoeuvre through the drainage pipe gathering data for a comprehensive survey, allowing full view of the clogged drain. Not only does this method accurately disclose the cause of the build up, but it can also pinpoint the accurate location of the blockage, making it far easier to choose appropriate corrective action.

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Drain clearance services Redruth

If you have a blocked drain then you can rely on Cornwall Drains to examine, diagnose and fix the drainage problem. We are skilled local professionals, which use modern technology to diagnose your issue and repair your drain carefully and to the highest standards.