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Blocked drains Truro we offer many drain blockage and drain clear-age solutions. Drains can become blocked for many different reasons. The more common reasons are food waste becoming lodged within the pipe system is from your kitchen sink. There could also be a build-up of shower or toilet waste, which can also cause drainage issues. While you may think there is an easy solution to this. There could well be a bigger issues at play here.

So before you reach for your plunger you may want to consider some of the more serious reasons for a blocked drain. Pipe corrosion is a much more serious issue that can massively affect the overall pipe structure. If this is left un- treated then it could potentially cause the pipe to collapse. Resulting in water or even sewage leaking into your home. Tree roots can also create a lot of damage to a pipe without you even realizing. We recommend not leaving anything to chance

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Our drainage engineers work within the Truro area. So if you have blocked drains Truro get in touch there will always be an engineer nearby to help you when you need it. We use the most up to date and fast methods to repair your drain pipe. And work safely to ensure efficient repair.

Drains become blocked for a number of reasons, So the first steps are to resolve the issues by finding the cause. The most common cause for a blocked drain would probably be hair. Hair at the mouth of the drainage system can be fixed easily by simply removing the hair and using a shower waste trap. if the issue is further down the system you may require a device such as a drain spider, but even then sometimes the problem requires a specialist which is what we are here for.

Other examples of drain blockage include, Plants, Dirt, Grease, Toiletries, Heavy Rain, Broken Pipes and foreign objects. If you need any help please do give us a call and will be happy to assist you.

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How can i find the locations of my underground drains and sewers?

Public sewers and drain maps can be found and viewed free of charge in the offices of sewerage undertaker or from your local authority. Private drains and sewers however are not usually mapped and they need to be located in other ways. Deeds to the house are usually a good place to start and if done officially should be clearly marked.

Sometimes you may have to resort to other methods of locating the drains, usually indicated by a drain cover or inspection hatch. By lifting the cover you can ascertain which direction your drains run in and how they may be connected.

However we would strongly advise talking to a professional. Builder,drainage engineer or architect before committing to or starting any drainage work.